[pmwiki-users] thumblist, jpg.jpg.lock

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 09:15:51 CDT 2016

Hello hello,

I'm using Thumblist for conveniently listing image thumbnails, with
links to big images, using a dedicated template. Great toolbox. I have
recently set the autopurge to 0 to be sure the program is not going to
delete thumbnails (I use –and strongly need– the fastcache recipe thus
I dont want the thumbnails to be deleted).
(uploads are stored page by page).

For a few pages, issue is that the thumbnail is not printed out, while
the link to the big image is working ; only the thumbnail is wrong, as
if there is a missing picture (I am given the empty frame for the
thumbnail, yet not the thumbnail itself).
If I run ?action=regen to the page, all gets better and all thumbnails
are printed out, as expected.
I'm willing to find out where is the issue and how to solve it.
Please note the issue happens to unidentified users, for pages saved
in the cache. As an admin/author, if I browse the page which doesn't
fully work for visitors, I get all the thumbnails and, my visit done,
the issue will be solved for unidentified visitors who are still given
the same cached page as before.

At first, I thought the culprit is the autopurge, which may
automatically delete some images. But now I'm sure the issue has
something to do with the .xxxx.lock extension given to some
I have compared one directory, before regen and after regen. This way,
I see the missing thumbnail is .locked.
I'm not sure why this .lock extension (and dot at the beginning)
happens, and wether is is possible to get rid of it ? Is that because
the server has ended his thumbnailing task before it was done ?

Listing directory for page 27572 when 1 thumbnail –for image named
27572_20cm– doesnt work :

Listing directory after ?action=regen, all is working :

In Thumblist documentation, "lock" word comes for the
$ThumbList['EnableThumbs'] = 1; setting, which I dont use in my

# ThumbList
$ThumbList['AutoPurgeDelay'] = 0; # to completely disable the AutoPurge function
$ThumbList['UseTmpl']=1; # to always use the template ; set
usetemplate=0 to override this eventually.

Thank you,

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