[pmwiki-users] PmWiki can't process your request

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Apr 14 08:45:25 CDT 2016

On 2016-04-14 14:32, Hans wrote:
> I narrowed the problem down to this:
> I cannot save a page if it contains accented characters.

By "I cannot save a page if it contains accented characters" do you 
still mean:

You get the "Invalid page name" error when you press "Save"?

Or you cannot even open the edit form if a page text contains an 
international character?

Or something else, like "the page is posted as usual, without 
complaining, opens for browse, but modifications are not saved"?

Or "page is posted but reloads completely blank"?

Or "PmWiki complains (Cannot write page...changes not saved)"?

Or "the page is posted but the edit form re-appears"?

 From a parallel message:
> but a redirect to a non-existing page, but with the original URL:
> The page "406.shtml" doesn't exist.
> (Create 406.Shtml).

Does it work with a different browser? Try it also via different 
network/ISP without any proxy.

The 406 HTTP response code means that the server is not capable to 
generate the type of content requested by the browser.

> It used to work, but not now.

With which PmWiki version it did work? Does it work now with the same 
PmWiki version? If no, it is likely that the server configuration was 
modified and may be not caused by PmWiki (but we should find a 

Does it work with CleanUrls disabled? If yes, double-check your 
CleanUrls settings in .htaccess (sometimes a server upgrade - either 
Apache, or PHP-FastCGI, may cause problems with CleanUrls, so you need 
to review the documentation and update your .htaccess or server.conf or 

> The site is bilingual: English and French (Quebecian site).
> French text with accented characters will stop a page being saved.
> Page character set is iso-8859-1
> The wiki ids not set up for utf-8
> There are no accented characters in page names.

Will it work if you enable UTF-8?


If you do not have any filenames (pagenames, or uploads) with accented 
characters, you should be able to switch to UTF-8 only with the above 
line. PmWiki will transcode the existing page text on the fly, and will 
save future changes in UTF-8.

Note, whether you enable or not UTF-8, all your *.php files (local/, 
cookbook/) must be saved "without byte order mark".

What is your server version? What is your PHP version?

Do you have enough disk space? If you don't, you will likely be unable 
to save pages at all, or only those with larger changes.

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