[pmwiki-users] name a page Gb or GB makes encoding chinese issue (fastcache recipe involved)

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 11:17:44 CDT 2015


I'm struggling for hours with an annoying and strange encoding issue for a
few pages, at this time only for pages which are cached by fastcache recipe
AND (that is the funny part) are named Gb or GB (my initials).

This is probably be a fastcache recipe limited issue, but there is
something very special here as it sounds like it does happen only for pages
names Gb or GB, no matter the group they belong to (tested with Profils and

For these pages, when user is anonym, fastcache quickly serves a cached
version of the page where special characters have become chinese ones.
For other pages, including GbTest, all is fine (if I'm not wrong).

After struggling and struggling, I found out that gb2312 and gbk (and maybe
others) are chinese encoding and I guess I have found the culprit ; thus it
might have to do with some function used by fastcache for generating its
cached page. Many of them use PmWiki mecanism.

What do you think ? is "gb" used for pagename the culprit ?
Any idea how to fix it, or do I have to change my name ? ;)
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