[pmwiki-users] Access to Profiles group gets redirected

Alex alexware at szokesandor.hu
Thu Jul 16 11:42:08 CDT 2015

Dear Gilles,

Before I wrote the e-mail, I checked all the group settings and I have
cleared the read passwords, without any effect.

I renamed config.php and immediately profile pages are accessible to
visitors... strange...

I am using authuser.php and I have not found any hint about Profile
pages. Today, I will deep into this again.
Any more hints?

I have the same situation with analyze.php. It is included into
config.php, but does not work. I thought it can detect the issue behind
accessibility and it can help me in the resolution.


2015-07-16 00:14 keltezéssel, ABClf írta:
> I would suggest, as a first step, you disable your config.php (rename
> it), then recheck your website.
> If all is fine, thus you have to control your config file, especially
> what is related to rights and users.
> I suspect you will have to reread documentation about user
> authentification script you use.
> Profiles group might be protected such a way non logged in visitors will
> be redirected to default page.
> Gilles.
> 2015-07-15 23:34 GMT+02:00 Alex <alexware at szokesandor.hu
> <mailto:alexware at szokesandor.hu>>:
>     Hi Everybody,
>     I have a silly situation. I have just installed a brand new pmwiki and
>     after creating some User pages in the Profiles group, I cannot access
>     without logging in.I can read and edit after logging in.
>     When I request the page e.g.
>     http://eltajolok.hu/index.php?n=Profiles.Alex It gets redirected to the
>     default group.home page.... Why???
>     The other strange thing is the cookbook analyze.php. I have installed
>     and added the secret code, but does not work....
>     I have pmwiki-2.2.77.tgz installed.
>     Alex
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