[pmwiki-users] SOLVED pmform not working with php 5.5.26

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 10 14:19:09 CDT 2015

Back to this subject again, here for the details...

Op 09-07-15 om 23:44 schreef Daniel:
> Looks like I have solved the problem:
> After lots and lots of experimenting I noticed that there is a
> mail-address field in this form that when left empty, causes the error!
> It used to be filled in by some default mail-adress but somehow it now
> behaves differently.
> I will take this field out and change it into a hidden field. Pretty
> sure that will solve it.

First of all, thanks to everyone who (tried to) helped me. I noticed
many mailforms coming in, giving me the idea that many were looking into
what is wrong.

Actually the problem is with the provider. The default from: address he
uses is: w87641283 at linux78.webaware.nl (or something like that)
The problem here is that many MTA's do not allow subdomain-names in mail
adresses. My provider does not agree, refuses to fix this and tells me
to use smtp instead.
I fixed all my mailforms (based on pmform), and for notify I used
$NotifyFrom='Donotreply <info at kropveld.net>';
which solved the last problem here.

Thanks to the flexibility of pmwiki I was able to overrule the providers
misconfiguration :)


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