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Thu Aug 13 17:46:08 CDT 2015

Hi, all, I haven't written in a long time, but recently got an email from
Randy Brown asking what I'd like to do with licensing one of my wee little

I'm not using PmWiki any more, and am not maintaining anything there. If
the question comes up further for anything I've put there, a blanket answer
would be to use the same license PmWiki uses itself, and if possible, I'd
relinquish copyright to PmWiki Community.

I loved working with PmWiki while I was doing so; it's a beautiful piece of
software. My personal development has taken me in completely different
directions regarding web development, mainly Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and
I've replaced my pmwiki sites with static Jekyll and Middleman sites.

Thanks, everyone.

Tamara Temple
tamouse at gmail.com (and tamouse.lists at gmail.com)
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