[pmwiki-users] RFC: Simple link markup for a "nearly WYSIWYG" editor

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Aug 11 14:10:51 CDT 2015

On 2015-08-11 20:38, Oliver Betz wrote:
>> E-mail links, "mailto:" optional:
>>   user at example.org "optional link text"
> I often use @ to show a condition, e.g. 3000rpm at 230V or 15USD at 10k
> (pricing information at a given quantity).

I've seen many people write an e-mail address without the mailto: 
protocol and their link does not work, and they don't know why and try 
to add brackets and it still doesn't work... Many have never seen the 
"mailto:" protocol. I'd like for the editor to be immediately usable by 
a novice user without reading documentation.

>>   +uploaded-file.ext
>>   +uploaded-file.ext "link text"
>>   +picture.jpg
>> While "Attach:" is easy to understand and type, it is in the English
>> language so it will not be that easy for people from different 
>> cultures,
>> that's why I wonder if the "plus" prefix can define an attached file?
> I expect collisions with formulas.
>> Or if we can support a translated "Attach:" prefix like they do in
>> Wikipedia, for example "Fichier:" in French and "????:" in Bulgarian?
> I can't say why, but I dislike translating the markup. Attaching files
> is "complicated" (for the non-techjnical user), anyway.

Actually, the new edit form will have drop-down lists to insert links to 
a page and to an attached file, and will have an "Attach" button 
allowing the user to select a file from their device and upload it to 
the server without leaving the form. So this should also be easier.

See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Edi for an alpha preview. (Uses 
'+' for attachments but this can be changed).

>> Additionally, I'd like to prevent accidental cross-group linking as 
>> this
>> is a frequent mistake on every young wiki community I've reviewed. So
>> I'd like, for the new editor module, have these links:
>>   @Page/Name.in.the,same/group links to [[PageNameInTheSameGroup]]
>>   @We.are.open:24/7            links to [[WeAreOpen247]]
> people add deliberately "/" and "."?

No, they write it that way naturally, eg. for a hospital wiki I oversee, 
they would write [[Accident/Emergency]] or [[A/E]] or [[Dr One / Dr Two 
/ Dr Three]] because their services are written this way. But then they 
link to another group where they cannot edit.

Thanks for replying, I temporarily stopped working on this because noone 
seemed interested. :-)


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