[pmwiki-users] wiki trail navigation

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon May 19 11:31:34 CDT 2014

John Rankin writes:

> We have a link on a trail page that reads:
> * [[1960: to Rob on his 46th birthday]]
> The pagename resolves to 1960ToRobOnHis46thBirthday, but the colon after  
> 1960 causes the page to be omitted from the trail. ReadTrail in trails.php  
> matches [^|:]*? in the link name, so skips the entry.

Correct. Colons are not allowed in page names, and it assumes that this is  
not a link to a page in the trail, for example an InterMap link.

> To get around this, we have written:
> * [[1960 to Rob on his 46th birthday |1960: to Rob on his 46th birthday]]
> Is there a simpler way?

  * [[1960 to Rob on his 46th birthday|+]]

> Also, $Titlespaced resolves to "1960 To Rob On His46th Birthday". I wonder  
> whether AsSpaced might look for and space (lower)(\d+lower). Or would this  
> be undesirable?

If it is desirable to change the default "spacing" way, PmWiki can use a  
different function to space the page names:

  $AsSpacedFunction = "MyOwnAsSpaced"; # use MyOwnAsSpaced() to space names

Or, simply set the page title in a (:title ...:) directive instead.


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