[pmwiki-users] severe error after upgrade to pwmiki 2.2.65 (from 2.2. 52) - undefined function Markup_e()

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Mon Jun 23 13:02:40 CDT 2014


I upgraded my pmwikifarm to pmwiki 2.2.65 (from 2.2.52)-
PHP Version 5.3.27
and I come to serious trouble.

I copied the sources of scripts in /scripts and replace pmwiki.php in  
the pmwiki main directory.

when calling
I get the error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function Markup_e() in  
/home/httpd/vhosts/orientalcarpetstudio.com/httpdocs/pm/pm-sources/scripts/stdmarkup.php on line  

Interestingly pmwiki has a function markup_e()
and **aother all of them fields work**:
http://orientalcarpetstudio.com.jovinus-meta.net/pm/default/ (this  
field works)
Also a second pmwiki installation I updated seems to work correctly.

So it seems that the error is dependend on my content.
for the tests I deactivated Site.LocalTemplates, Carpet/GroupHeader  
without positive effect.
Where could the problem be?

kind regards
Patrick Ogay

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