[pmwiki-users] Fast cache and sqlite recipes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 1 06:31:28 CDT 2014

ABClf writes:
> For my information, does anyone know how Fastcache recipe would work together  
> with Sqlite recipe ?
> What I am interested to be informed of is : 1) will fastcache still work with  
> sqlite ? (If so, I guess the cached html pages be still saved in  
> pub/htmlcache) ; 2) so, is there any (easy) way to save (and to be able to  
> use) them in the sqlite file ?

(1) Yes, they should work fine together. SQLite stores the wiki source text  
in a database file instead of separate text files. FastCache stores the  
generated HTML output after all wiki processing, that is served directly to  
the browser.

(2) No, this is not needed.


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