[pmwiki-users] Page text variables and PmForm

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Feb 8 15:04:34 CST 2014

Randy Brown writes:
> The problem with that is that when there is a link such as (:Var:  
> [[Page]] :), then pagelist's "link=" won't find the page. Thus, when I want  
> the page to be found as a back link, I'm forced to use a visible PTV.

You can place {$:Var} somewhere in the page, and it will see the link target.

> BTW, I haven't noticed documentation of this behavior. Is pagelist's "link="  
> supposed to not see PTV directives, or am I relying on a bug to hide links  
> thinking that it's a feature?

No, it doesn't see links inside PTV directives.

(:pagelist link=SomePage:) will find only pages that actually link to  
SomePage. The PageTextVariable definition is just text if it is not placed  
in the page as {$:Var} for expansion and evaluation.

There is another feature here: the markups (:include...:), (:if...:) and  
(:redirect...:) are ignored when the link targets of a page are cached. So a  
pagelist will list a page containing

  (;if false:) [[SomePage]] (:if:)

but when the page is browsed, it will not have a link to SomePage.


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