[pmwiki-users] Deprecated preg_replace() eval feature in PHP 5.5

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Sep 24 16:30:13 CDT 2013

On 21/09/13 10:59 AM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> A few new functions were added:
>  PCCF() PmWiki Create Callback Function
>  PPRE() PmWiki preg_replace eval
>  PPRA() PmWiki preg_replace arrays
>  Markup_e() like Markup() but with replacement evaluated in a Callback
> We'll document these functions once we're sure they work like we want 
> them to work. But the Markup_e() function should not change a lot in 
> the future, so I'll give an example:
> if until now a recipe used:
>  Markup('id', 'direcives', '/p(a)tte(rn)/e', "ReplFunc('$1', '$2')");
> now it can alternatively use:
>  Markup_e('id', 'direcives', '/p(a)tte(rn)/', "ReplFunc(\$m[1], 
> \$m[2])");
> so the changes are:
>  Markup_e() instead of Markup()
>  the pattern without the "e" modifier after the last /
>  the replacement with $m[0], $m[1], $m[2], $m[3] instead of '$0', '$1' 
> etc.
>  (this last one is not automatic, we should be careful there)
If a recipe uses preg_replace with an e modifier directly in its code, 
is there a pmwiki-recommended way to use the new pmwiki functions and/or 
replace the preg_replace calls with suitable preg_replace_callback? TIA


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