[pmwiki-users] issue with <!--markup in skin -> doesn't behave as in wikicontent

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Sep 13 00:27:33 CDT 2013

lists at basel-inside.ch writes:
>  <!--markup:(:include {Public.Alexander$RandomSection}:)--> does't work
>  <!--markup:(:include Public.Alexander:)-->  works, brings whole file
> How can I can make $Randomsection to work from a skin template?

Apparently the "$RandomSection" part is evaluated for the visited page  
before trying to evaluate the whole {Public...} variable. I'll try to find  
some time to find out why this happens and if it can be fixed without  
breaking other variables like $ScriptUrl or $PageUrl.

A workaround for what you want to do is to use <!--wiki:Group.SomePage-->  
and place the markup (:include {Public.Alexander$RandomSection}:) in  


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