[pmwiki-users] Broken recipe, unable to use -Talk page

Ian MacGregor ardchoille42 at me.com
Mon Oct 28 02:24:34 CDT 2013

The CommentBoxPlus recipe is broken again:

Visitors are still able to post directives in the form (:...:) in the Author field. This was fixed at one time but this bug has returned.

I tried to post a comment to the -Talk page but was unable to save the page due to the word "blog" being blocked. There are 25 instances of this word on that page and I felt it was a bad idea to remove them. This means other users of this recipe aren't able to "talk" on the -Talk page.

Can the maintainer of the CommentBoxPlus recipe please fix the $EnablePreventDirectives bug? I would like to use this recipe again.

Rev. Ian MacGregor

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