[pmwiki-users] Including Categories

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Thu Oct 24 09:15:01 CDT 2013

the categories are generated in Category/GroupFooter
with this  pagelist statement
(:comment pagelist Category.{$Name} list=normal:)

you can generate the pagelist in all pages you need it, as
(:comment pagelist Category.Big list=normal:)


Quoting Patrick Provinciael <patrick.provinciael at gmail.com>:

> Hi all
> I've been working on my first pmwiki and now I stumbled upon a problem that
> I can't seem to solve.
> Is there a way to have (:inlude pagename:) also include category links.
> Example:
> Main.Stub
> This page is a [[!Stub]], help expanding it!
> This could create Category.Stub with a list of all pages that are a Stub.
> This is an easy way to know what needs more work. However, I can't seem to
> get this to work, because only the Stub page will be in the category and not
> any page including it...
> Any solutions?
> Thanks
> --
> Patrick Provinciael

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