[pmwiki-users] Deprecated preg_replace() eval feature in PHP 5.5

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Oct 23 10:20:30 CDT 2013

Eric Forgeot writes:
> Does this concern all markup rules, or only markup in pmwiki with the
> /e switch? (I guess it's the later, but I wanted to be sure)
> so Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>");    # '*bold*'
> will remain the same?

All existing Markup() rules continue to work exactly as before so recipes  
using this function are working as before.

Markup_e() is a new way to declare a markup definition with a callback  
function (which can also be called with Markup() with /e flag). This new way  
is only needed for PHP installations which don't allow the /e flag. Note  
that in PHP 5.5 that flag is deprecated but not removed so the /e flag  
should work fine on all installations where that flag hasn't been  
specfically forbidden by the admins.

I recommend that recipes still use the old Markup() definitions until we  
document the new way. And we will document the new way when we're sure that  
it is the way we want it to be.


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