[pmwiki-users] Modify attachlist links?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Oct 10 18:19:42 CDT 2013

Johan Bengtsson writes:
> I'm managing a wiki where the (:attachlist:) command is used.
> Is it possible to change the generated links so that the files
> are opened in a new tab?

Currently this requires to redefine the (:attachlist:) markup with a custom  
function. I'll think if we can add a variable controlling this, like  
$LinkPageExistsFmt and $LinkPageCreateFmt in a future version.

> Or maybe it's just better to include an instruction  
> in the page to do "<shift> <click>" or "<ctrl> <click>"...?

You can write this in the page before the (:attachlist:) directive. If you  
need to do this for the ?action=upload section of a page, just edit the page  
[[Site.UploadQuickReference]] on your wiki.


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