[pmwiki-users] Select Query Recipe Updated

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Tue Oct 1 15:02:45 CDT 2013

Dear pmwiki users,
The Select Query recipe, http://www.pmwiki.com/Cookbook/SelectQuery
has been updated to add a useful features.  I am noting this to the list since I did the update with the assistance of Guy Moreau.

This is an extremely useful recipe for doing sql queries on a database, and returning the results in a table (either HTML or a PMWiki simple table).  It uses the 
Database Standard http://www.pmwiki.org/Cookbook/DatabaseStandard, so it can be used on other than mysql databases.   It also can use the new mysql library from php, instead of the deprecated mysql library.  
To use it, you need to actually use the query syntax, but it is really not that difficult.
Check it out.
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