[pmwiki-users] Addition to OpenStreetMap API Recipe

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Nov 17 10:42:39 CST 2013

StefCT writes:
> I've added a few lines of code to the OpenLayersAPI recipe. Now I can
> simply include an OpenStreetMap with a directive like the following:
> (:ola-map
> link=http://www.openstreetmap.org/? 
> mlat=40.7300&mlon=-74.0054#map=16/40.7300/-74.0054:)

This is really great, I like it a lot.

> Manually extracting lat/long/zoom and marker information from the URL
> isn't necessary anymore with this new feature. Of course, all existing
> options can still be added for customization. I think this might
> facilitate the usage of this recipe a little.
> I consider making this available to others as well. How should I go
> about this (as it's somebody else's recipe I've been tinkering with)?

It is best to contact the author and let him/her decide if the feature  
should be included in the recipe. Contact him via e-mail (better) or on the  
Talk page of the recipe.

After this, either the new feature will be included, or if not, you can fork  
the recipe (if the license permits it) while prominently cross-linking the  
two pages, or, in some cases, the author will tell you to list yourself as a  
(co-)maintainer of the recipe and to release the new version.


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