[pmwiki-users] Attempting to get pits-0.23.php operational

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Tue Mar 26 08:34:06 CDT 2013

Using pmwiki-2.2.39

I installed pits-0.23.php according to my understanding of the instructions.
1) I placed a copy of pits-0.23.php into my Farm cookbook directory and 
renamed it to pits.php
2) I placed a file Convent2.php in my /local directory which contains 
the single line

I accessed the page 
http://www.helpcave.org/TestPits/index.php?n=Convent2.ITS and created a 
new issue at
the PITS Form is shown as I expected BUT there are two problems...

1) When I click "Submit new issue" the contents are not transferred to 
the pmWiki edit window.
2) I re-typed the entry into the pmWiki window and saved it as a 
Feature/Change Request. pmWiki created the page 
http://www.helpcave.org/TestPits/index.php?n=Convent2.00001 but it is 
not displayed in the 
http://www.helpcave.org/TestPits/index.php?n=Convent2.ITS page. The 
program "knows" it should be there because it no longer display the "No 
bugs ;-)" default message.

What am I missing?



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