[pmwiki-users] Help with my pmwiki and passwords

Tom Zunder tom at zunder.org.uk
Mon Mar 25 12:05:13 CDT 2013

I have a pmwiki that I ran from 2005 to 2009. The last version was using 
It is time to restore it, but when I do so none of the pages can be 
edited using either of the passwords in the config file.
I can't remember if I set group or page attribute passwords nor can I 
remember what they'd be.

Is there a way to strip out the passwords and start again with the wiki 
pages and rebuild security?
It's all sitting on a server on my home network right now (a LAMP server 
on an Ubuntu box) so I can mess around until I get it right.

If anyone can help I can provide more or different details.


Tom Zunder
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