[pmwiki-users] empty pages from apache server with pmwiki

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Mar 22 23:23:47 CDT 2013

marc-alexis morelle writes:
> i'm using pmwiki since 8 or 9 years with http://www.adiu.fr. I don't have  
> the last release but the n-1, I think.

You are using pmwiki-2.2.29, that is more like n-20. :-)

> Host (Online.net), from France, had  
> changes something in his config, and now, the output from pmwiki is white  
> pages (0 byte), with no error number.

I think there are more than one problem - one may be related to the  
MultiViews option of Apache and the other related to URL Rewriting.

Your pages appear mostly fine with index.php?n=Group.Page instead of  
index.php/Group/Page. You can temporarily comment out in config.php the  
line containing $EnablePathInfo so that your internal links will work.

This may be fixable by adding in .htaccess the following line:

  Options +MultiViews

or if you already have a line starting with "Options", add " +Multiviews" at  
the end.

Moreover, simply trying to get index.php without a page name returns the  
error "invalid page name" which appears when PmWiki thinks you ask for a  
page name containing more than one dot like A.Index.Php (for your file  
/a/index.php) and this is sometimes caused by an incorrect URL rewriting  

If you can post the contents of your .htaccess files, and enable the  
diagnostics tools on your wiki ($EnableDiag = 1; in config.php) we may be  
able to better understand the problem.


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