[pmwiki-users] Problem with a pagelist that should show all pages in a group and exclude one page.

Derek Lerner lernaway at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 09:04:19 CDT 2013

A page that should be excluded is appearing in the pagelist. Any idea of
what could be causing this? I previously had some issues with this install
showing deleted pages in a pagelist.

I’m still running pmwiki-2.2.0-beta68. I’m guessing taking the time to
upgrade to the most current version would help. Looking for a quick fix for
the time being. (if there is a quick fix to this)

(:pagelist list=normal group=Projects,-Projects.Projects fmt=#thumblist6


The last page shown in the pagelist at very the bottom of the page is
Projects.Projects and this should be the page that is excluded.
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