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Fri Mar 15 05:46:52 CDT 2013

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 3:27 AM, Brian Middleton <mrbryo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hah, yeah not sure why I put that in there (border-collapse).  Must be time
> for bed.  Ah I see. div1...divN.  Thanks for the quick response.
> That fixed it, using div2:
> !Vent Status
> (:div class="looknfeel":)
> !!Privacy Policy
> (:div2 class="looknfeel":)
> Junk
> (:div2end:)
> (:divend:)
> But in order to get the CSS to work I put it in the pub/css/local.css file.
> When I put it in the $WikiStyle array it doesn't seem to pick it up from in
> the (:div:).  It did work once I did this:
> a bunch of stuff
> However, this can't be nested either it looks like...I tried and the page
> displayed some extra characters that shouldn't have been there.
> Main reason of using DIV is to bump over a section of text so it appears to
> be formatted under the header tags.  I'm guessing there might be a better
> way to do it but I'm not sure what it is.
> On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 6:54 AM, Lars Eighner <surname at larseighner.com>
> wrote:
>> On Thu, 14 Mar 2013, Brian Middleton wrote:
>>> !Vent Status
>>> (:div class="looknfeel":)
>>> !!Privacy Policy
>>> (:div class="looknfeel":)
>>> Junk
>>> (:divend:)
>>> (:divend:)
>> I'm not sure this is the cause of your problem, but you cannot nest (:div
>> :)
>> like html <div>.
>> If you open a second div, it has to be (:div2 :) and be closed with
>> (:div2end:)
>> You can have plenty of div on the page, but the child must be div2, the
>> grandchild div3 and so forth.  And of course they must be properly nested.
>> Fortunately, most of the page glue divs are out in the template where they
>> are ordinary html div and play by the html rules.  But if you have formed
>> the habit of styling with div (<div class="red"><div class="small"><div
>> class="sanserif">) (:div:) will break you of that or drive you insane.
>> I did not know border collapse was good for anything outside of tables.

You're combining a couple of things, which is why it isn't working the
way you'd like. WikiStyles are kind of like "internal" CSS (although
still not quite CSS itself) and apply when you use the WikiStyle
markup [1]:

In local/config.php:

    $WikiStyle['mywikistyle']['color'] = 'red';
    $WikiStyle['mywikistyle']['font-style'] = 'italic';

... and so on

In wiki text:

    %mywikistyle%Some wiki text


    Some wiki text

whereas true CSS, as set in the `local/local.css` file, is used by
setting a class parameter on the (:div:):

In local/local.css:

    .mystyle {
        color: red;
	font-style: italic;

In wiki text:

    (:div class='mystyle':)
    Some wiki text

nesting of div's explained above.

It is quite possible to combine these:

Using the definition in local/local.css to start with for `mystyle`:

In local/config.php:

    $WikiStyle['mywikistyle']['class'] = 'mystyle';

and use as above.

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