[pmwiki-users] managing images

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Mar 15 03:47:37 CDT 2013

Le 15/03/2013 07:16, Brian Middleton a écrit :
> I'm a noob with PmWiki but to me it sounds like a script that runs
> behind the scenes on the server.  Something that can be scheduled to
> run every 15-30 minutes (or whatever occurrence you want.

yes, run once when necessary is good.

like I see it:

* scan wiki.d for URL
* ignore any image from upload folder
* for any other image copy it to a folder in upload
* fix the links

in fact this would be the optimal one.

on first test, I could simply
* copy myself the image on the server
* us a sed command to /s the url.

that said, I beg this function may have larger use. I'm not really 
fluent with sed :-(. I hoped somebody would already have done one :-(



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