[pmwiki-users] Conditional CSS mark-up

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Thu Mar 14 15:34:59 CDT 2013

I am trying to modify the Header font color for the Triad skin but ONLY 
for the c-choc.css Style Option
I can see how to do it in the local.css file for all Triad skins but how 
do I tell it only for the c-choc.css?
And I would prefer not to change the c-choc.css if possible.
#content h1, #content h2, #content h3,
#content h4, #content h5, #content h6 { color:#00b400; }

Is there such a thing as conditional CSS mark-up?
Or is there another method to change it only for that particular css file?

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