[pmwiki-users] managing images

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Thu Mar 14 11:50:16 CDT 2013

Hello :-)

I have a lot of pages mostly build with images like this one:


images come from my image gallery piwigo.

All this is on my own server, so no real problem.

But I would prefere to have the images tied with the pmwiki data (in 
the upload directory), but uploading them is long and tedious (the 
server is online, hosted)

I just fear, someday, to change inadvertendly some repository of the 
gallery - the gallery itself may change setup.

if there a script that coul scan the pmwiki pages, and if there is an 
image outside of the pmwiki folder copy it on the right place and fix 
the link?

for future use, is there a way to attach an image url and have the 
image copied in pmwki and not just linked?


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