[pmwiki-users] error after pmwiki upgrade to 2.2.49

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Mar 13 15:16:03 CDT 2013

Maria McKinley writes:
> I upgraded pmwiki to pmwiki-2.2.49, and now I am getting the following error  
> when I try to access anything on my website:
> Warning: fopen(wiki.d/SiteAdmin.Status,new): failed to open stream:  
> Permission denied in /var/www/pmwiki/pmwiki.php on line 1011
> PmWiki can't process your request
> Cannot write page to SiteAdmin.Status (wiki.d/SiteAdmin.Status)...changes not  
> saved

>From which version did you upgrade? Which version was last known to work?

See if there is a file wiki.d/SiteAdmin.Status,new - if there is one, delete  
it and try again.

Otherwise, check if there is enough disk space left and the PHP process can  
write in the directory wiki.d/.

If this doesn't help, add temporarily the following in config.php and try  

  $EnableUpgradeCheck = 0;

Then the warning will disappear, but please report if you can save any other  
page. Then remove or comment out the above line, and we'll search for  
something else.


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