[pmwiki-users] Keywords

Lars Eighner surname at larseighner.com
Wed Mar 13 02:47:04 CDT 2013

On Tue, 12 Mar 2013, Carlos AB wrote:

> Hi list,
> Keywords are still used for page ranking with google?

According to Google, not.  And I have heard it said that they count off
for keyword spamming.

> Even if keywords are not used anymore, perhaps other search engines or
> online services can still use it.

Maybe.  Keywords highest and best use is for internal purposes.  With PmWiki
it is as easy to grep wiki.d/ as to try to find something useful to do with
keywords -- or if grep is Greek to you, the PmWiki search is as effect as

> So, is there a way to make a recipe to automagically count and choose the
> most used words in a wiki page?

Perhaps you could come up with something.  However, things like looking for
important words in heads and link text are almost certainly already in
search engine criteria.

Perhaps spending the time developing content that other people will link to
would be a more productive use of your time.

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