[pmwiki-users] Notebook app demo

V.Krishn vkrishn4 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 19:49:30 CST 2013

Updated Notebook app:
Work In Progress files:


Apps/Features in demo (all using Qnotes+Ajax):
1. Todo (using modified VerySimpleTodo)
2. Gallery (using Mini)
3. XToDo (using modified XToDo)
4. TxtDb (using TxtDb)
5. Files in Disk (using modified DirList)
6. Code/Highlight (using Precode/GeSHi)

1. Cleaned Todo app.
    Add Login, client side dynamic Item add/updating/deleting.
    thus only updated item info is send to server.
    Store todo data in structured qnote-data page, 
       with simple way to display by date. 
       see -  /simple-todo/day on Notes.Notes1
2. Enhanced page tooltip on HomePages'
3. Files on disk - enhanced by css
4. Add common js for adding back-button,
    back-button now added on HomePage.
5. Enhanced Qnote-link.
    QnoteLinks can open any qnote for viewing/editing.
    Deep navigation/cross-linking possible.

Please feel free to check the demo.
Any suggestions to improve or add features are welcomed.


On Friday, January 11, 2013 08:22:15 PM you wrote:
> Features add:
> 1. Properties(tooltip) for wikipages (via qnotes/ajax)
>    http://dev1.insteps.net/apps/demo/notebook/index.php/PmWiki/HomePage
>    Click  WIki-pages/1-32 > any page link.
>    With this feature, its possible to have different kinds of properties of
> a wiki page displayed.
> 2. Cleaned interface, added icons.
> 3. Add upload list link to properties (fetched via qnotes/ajax)
> 4. Upload list has two section, thumbnails(uses mini recipe)
>     and other upload links.
>    http://dev1.insteps.net/apps/demo/notebook/index.php/Notes/HomePage
>    Click on Qnotes-pages/1-32 > Notes1 > View uploads
> 5. Layout uses GridWorks and mediaqueries.
>     http://dev1.insteps.net/apps/demo/notebook/index.php/Notes/HomePage
>     Click on Qnotes-pages/1-32 > Notes1 (right icon)
>     Here if browser width is reduced the left sidebar moves inside the main
>     view area.  Also the bottom navigator-button size gets reduced,
>     showing only icons.
>     On other non-qnote active page sidebar moves above the wikitext.
> 6. Improved group page, shows wiki pages in a group-count.
>     http://dev1.insteps.net/apps/demo/notebook/index.php/Site/Groups
> 7. WIki action links converted to a themable dropdown menu.
> Most of the interface is done using wiki pages.
> Notebook app can be used as base for creating other simple apps.
> > Demo page:
> > http://dev1.insteps.net/apps/demo/notebook/index.php
> > 

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