[pmwiki-users] Read protection not working

John Bowling johnlb2002 at cox.net
Thu Mar 7 14:29:44 CST 2013

I have a site where I need to block read access to eveyone I have not 
given the password to. Having username/password protection is to much. 
It's only to protect possible contact information on a calendar.

I have default passwords in local/config.php and have added (and later 
removed) ?action=attr to the group for the pages I want protected. What 
I ended up with was the protection over the entire site.

The read password must be entered before the list of group/pages is shown.
I have since used ?action=attr everywhere I had it, and set all 
passwords to clear. It still wants the read password on first site entry.

To revert back to normal access, I removed all passwords from 
config.php, ftp, re-opened the site (still needed a password?) and then 
placed admin and edit back in, ftp, and this time it it is back to 
normal operation.

But still no effective page read protection.
PmWiki version is 2.2.48

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