[pmwiki-users] HTML in a skin tmpl file to format a banner

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 30 12:14:24 CDT 2013

Randy Brown writes:
> Can anyone help me with the html to format my skin's top banner? As an html  
> novice, I've kludged together the code shown below, but it doesn't validate.  

If it doesn't validate, the HTML validator tells you why it doesn't  
validate, so you can fix your skin and try to re-validate it.

> (The links don't wrap in Omniweb, though otherwise it renders pretty well.) 
> <head>
>   <title>$WikiTitle | {$Group} / {$Title} $ActionTitle</title>
>   <meta http-equiv='Content-Style-Type' content='text/css' />
>   <link rel='stylesheet' href='$SkinDirUrl/mywebsite.css' type='text/css' />
>   <!--HTMLHeader-->
> </head>
> <body>
> <!--PageHeaderFmt-->
>   <div id='wikilogo'><a href='https://myurl' title='You  
> are exploring $WikiTitle:
>      $ProjectTitle
> Some final text'><img src='$PageLogoUrl'

If I were you, I'd leave the text in the title="..." attribute on a single  

> [...]
> </div>
>     </form></div>
>     </form></div>
>     </form></div>
>     </form></div>

You probably have too many </form> and </div> closing tags. For every open  
tag like <form...>, you need a single closing tag like </form> and you  
should be careful to have closing tags in the correct order, for example:

  <div...><form...>...</div></form> is INVALID
  <div...><form...>...</form></div> is valid (close the inner before closing
                                    the outer)

Good luck,

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