[pmwiki-users] Disable scripts to speed up "read only" view (stdconfig.php)?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 30 02:43:35 CDT 2013

Oliver Betz writes:
> when using PmWiki as CMS, several scripts are not needed for the
> "guest" view of the page, e.g. simuledit.php, draft.php, author.php,
> blocklist.php...
> Loading of many scripts can be disabled by setting the according
> variables used by stdconfig.php.
> Any idea whether that's useful in terms of performance, and which
> scripts should be disabled or kept?

It will be only slightly faster to disable the scripts that are not needed:

  $EnablePGCust = 0; # if you don't have per-page or per-group customization
  $EnableAuthorTracking = 0; # you don't display diffs and [[~Author]] links
  $EnablePrefs = 0; # to disable preferences for authors
  $EnableSimulEdit = 0; # to disable edit conflict resolution
  $EnableDrafts = 0; # disable drafts
  $EnableWikiTrails = 0; # if you never use <|WikiTrails|>
  $EnableWikiStyles = 0; # if you never use wikistyles like >>div<< or %css%
  $EnableMarkupExpressions = 0; # if you never use {(...)} markup expressions
  $EnablePageList = 0; # if your wiki doesn't use pagelists OR searches
  $EnableVarMarkup = 0; # disable links to documentation for PmWiki variables
  $EnableForms = 0; # if your readonly wiki never uses any HTML forms
  $EnableUpgradeCheck = 0; # not needed for a readonly wiki

$EnableBlocklist, $EnableNotify, $EnableDiag are disabled by default but  
if you have enabled them in your admin backend, you may disable them here.

But what would be faster is to enable pagelist cache and HTML cache, see  
$PageCacheDir and $PageListCacheDir :



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