[pmwiki-users] very weird - spam filter?

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Jun 17 02:43:39 CDT 2013

hi there

i've never witnessed this before in all my time with pmwiki
but while logged in either as a regular user or as admin
when i try to type and save the word "slot machines", "slotmachines" (but not the singular "slotmachine), i get an error page that says:

Sorry, the page "403.shtml" doesn't exist. 
Please check the spelling of the pagename you're looking for, and try searching again.

i haven't (yet) found any other words that seem to trigger this response.
is this some kind of weird spam filter i've discovered?

very odd.
and it happens on two separate setups
one running 2.2.46
and another running 2.2.52


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