[pmwiki-users] ddmu strange problem

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 16 04:02:47 CDT 2013

Peter Gragert writes:
> I use ddmu with great success on  two different servers, even three: locally  
> with XAMPP.
> Now I  have built a new website (pmwiki naturally ;-) )  and thought I  
> installed ddmu again nicely.
> BUT not locally  with XAMPP nor on my real www server the  line to see the  
> input file for picture (“Drop ..”) is visible.

The default installation doesn't have a line "Drop files to upload", you can  
drop files on the whole page. If the recipe is correctly installed, just add  
to config.php $DDMUEnableDropzone = 1; to enable the drop zone.

Otherwise it may be that the recipe is not correctly installed: for some  
reason the browser may be unable to reach the javascript files, for example  
the files have incorrect permissions or are not in the place where the  
browser looks.

Finally, new browser versions are not always compatible with older scripts - 
I'll work on it if it is the case. But you say that on one server it works  
for you, so it is unlikely that the browser became incompatible.


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