[pmwiki-users] Database usage in PmWiki -- Select Query and Update Form

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Tue Jun 11 13:47:53 CDT 2013

With great success we have been using (slightly) modified versions of 

PmWiki | Cookbook / SelectQuery  and PmWiki | Cookbook / UpdateForm

the first to read the database, and the second for updating.  The only modifcation to UpdateForm  was to add a DISTINCT to a select statement.

Unfortunately, UpdateForm uses the mysql library, which is now deprecated, so   
SelectQuery uses adodb, so this might have updates.   

Is anyone working on updating either of these recipes? If not, is anyone interested in using newer versions.  If no-one else does, I will probably have to to keep our site in operation.

Thanks for your help.

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