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Jan Martinsson jan.martinsson at chalmers.se
Sun Jun 2 03:27:54 CDT 2013

Thanks for all suggestions!
After some investigations It turned out that my upload/attach function wasn’t protected at all. I hope this  was the source of my problems!
Best regards

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How open is your upload directory? You should perhaps look at restricting permissions to just the server user/group.
On May 30, 2013 5:21 AM, "Jan Martinsson" <jan.martinsson at chalmers.se<mailto:jan.martinsson at chalmers.se>> wrote:
Hi everyone,
I am new to this list so please have patience with me ☺
A few weeks ago  400-500 of the attachments in our wiki disappeared, a short investigation showed that some of the files seems to be deleted from the wiki (leaving the file in the upload folder but with additional file extension) while some were totally missing.
I never found out why this happened but restored  everything using a backup.
To prevent it from happening again I made sure to update to the latest version of the wiki (2.2.51, version number 2002051.).
Anyway yesterday it found out that I has happened again!!!

I have now ideas even where to start fixing this problem

Please help!

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