[pmwiki-users] Reorganizing our Wiki

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Thu Jul 11 15:48:38 CDT 2013

I'm beginning to understand my problem better after thinking about it 
for a bit and doing a lot of reading. There are two large issues, I think:

1) organizing the content on our pages so that there is reasonable 
linking from page to page within the wiki, and

2) taking advantage of built-in PmWiki features to generate lists of 
pages like indexes or tables of contents in a book.

Item 1 is something which I have to face by myself. But, item 2 is 
where, with a better understanding of PmWiki, I should be able to 
accomplish something useful.

I'm getting the impression from the documentation that Categories might 
be a deprecated concept, in favour of page lists. I certainly don't 
understand all of the ins and outs of Categories, but here's my simple view:

- a page can be a member of more than one category
- You can get a list of all pages in a given category by using a link 
ending in Category.xxx (but it seems to be just a list of links to pages 
in that category - you don't get to see the summary, for example)
- The category can be used in the "link=" option in a pagelist directive 
to help select pages

Is there anything else useful to be gained by using categories? I'm 
beginning to think that I should abandon the small investment that I 
already have in them and move over to pagelists instead. But I do 
understand that they are to some extent apples and oranges.



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