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Peter Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Tue Feb 12 10:10:37 CST 2013



HELP NEEDED with the following.

I just installed on a Vista PC the XAMPP2012, which seems to work.

Then I downloaded and installed pmwiki-2.2.48 into htdocs

config.php adjusted for localhost etc. upload enabled

Used in the  localhost/pmwiki-2.2.48/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage

Attach:ditendat.jpg   and clicked and uploading done.

In uploads/Main now exist ditendat.jpg  so upload succeeded.


First problem, THE PICTURE IS NOT DISPLAYED,   what do I do wrong?


Second problem,  in this new version as well as old version of XAMPP the
skins (using triad or pmwiki) 
do not render at all? (Earlier asked,  stating this same problem)

The 2.2.48 version with triad works on a 'real' sever.

BUT now I can not check locally what I have done or want to do on my real
server .


By the way, some (long) time ago, I did not have this problem with
(old)XAMPP, triad was locally displayed nicely.


An other local pmwiki nicely shows the triad-skin ;-), WHY


Who had the same problem and solved it? Please let me know.


If I put all 2.2.48 into and old working version of a pmwiki (local!) triad
works ???!!!


What may be the intrinsic reason, that a new directory does not behave .?
(properties made totally changeable for all users of the PC!)





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