[pmwiki-users] section edit deletes everything

Walter Keller wa at wlkl.ch
Mon Feb 4 15:32:33 CST 2013

* Feb 4, 2013 Walter Keller:
** Since I updated to Ubuntu 12.10 SectionEdit does not work anymore.
*** If you click on the section edit button an editor with empty text is 
*** If publish, the whole page (and not only the current section) is 
** Petko Yotov advised me, that this is related to PHP Version 
5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1, and indeed
*** replacing all 3 calls of the ''htmlspecialchars''() function in 
sectionedit.php by ''PHSC''() function solved the problem
** unfortunately I'm not clever enough to add this text to the 
Cookbook:SectionEdit-Talk - I do not know how to circumvemt the error: 
''This post has been blocked by the administrator''

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