[pmwiki-users] includeurl recipe

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Feb 3 14:29:19 CST 2013

Robert Fant writes:
> Interesting thing just started happening today.   All pages that utilize the  
> "includeurl"  recipe open but immediately go directly to the url that is  
> included withing the (:includeurl :) script.
> I've used this recipe for a couple of years now and have never experienced  
> such a thing.
> This is happening with all browsers, (Chrome, FireFox, and Safari).

Does it happen with Javascript turned off?

Some webmasters don't like when other sites embed their pages and there is a  
way to tell the browser, if the page is not in the top frame of the window,  
to replace the URL of the top frame with the URL of the embedded page. This  
effectively redirects all visitors to the embedded page without any frames.

What is the address of the embedded page?


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