[pmwiki-users] [ANN] new cookbook to hyphenate text

SteP step.list+pmwiki at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 10:20:27 CST 2012

Hello everyone, after several years of successfully using other people's cookbooks, the time has come for 
me to give back and make my contribution, my very first public cookbook - JustHyp provides multilingual 
text hyphenation and margin filling, http://www.PmWiki.org/Cookbook/JustHyp.
On a low traffic website this cookbook is considered production quality but for the larger PmWiki audience 
I prefer to label it alpha quality until I get more feedback from our community.
The download site needs URL approval, I couldn't upload the 600K zip file directly to PmWiki.org due to 
size restrictions.

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