[pmwiki-users] small change needed?! and help needed

Peter Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Mon Nov 5 05:03:05 CST 2012


After I execute  a page with (added action) ?action=logout  the
"?laction=logout" vanishes (as expeted)

BUT ?action=login   (sending OK with good name and password, becauser of
AuthUser  enabled) ?action=login stays  and need either a second OK or
a removing of ?action=login.


How to prevent the needed second OK??? Or is this done  with WHAT intention?

I think it is a small error, because the first OK -click as done its work!


Help for this: 

What do I miss such that the commentbox with captcha does its work without
login for 'editing'  is this a consequence  of using AuthUser?


Please make a try to leave a comment here:





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