[pmwiki-users] Use separate skin for page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Mar 26 06:37:46 CDT 2012

On Monday 26 March 2012 11:37:39 publik at lundgren.nu wrote:
> I want/need to use a separate skin for some (a few) pages on my site.
> Does anyone "know" the "right" way (AKA "best") to do this in PmWiki?

If you have limited groups or pages, you can create files 


And inside each one, place such content:

  $Skin = "myotherskin";

If you want to be able to change the skins with a markup (:skin myotherskin:) 
in the wiki page, add something like this in your config.php file:

  Markup('skin', 'directives', '/\\(:skin\\s+([-\\w]+)\\s*:\\)/e',


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