[pmwiki-users] Bug in Trails?

Ulf Bro ulf.bro at web.de
Sun Mar 18 11:52:32 CDT 2012

> > I see the following when using ^|Indexpage|^ on "Noah":
> >
> > Indexpage | Genesis | Noah
> >
> > Indexpage is just a name (should have been a link)
> > Genesis is a link
> > Noah is a link (should have been just a name)
> To have a link to the index page, use a link to the index page:
>   ^|[[Indexpage]]|^

Yes. That solved it. Thank you! I should have known. Now that you say it
I read it also in the documentation. My fault.
> The self-link on the current page is probably an error...

> In this case, to remove the self links, you have two options:
> 1. Set in config.php a plain text format for all self links:
>   $LinkPageSelfFmt = '$LinkText';

> ... etc ...

Thank you so much. All problems are solved.


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