[pmwiki-users] Bug in Trails?

Ulf Bro ulf.bro at web.de
Sat Mar 17 13:51:52 CDT 2012


I am new to this list. But I already use PmWiki for more than 5 years
as our general documentation system in my company.

I have never used the Trails feature. However there might now be
situations where it might come in handy.

I might use both syntaxes

^|Indexpage|^ and

For the simple reason that the trails I am going to gather will be
highly structured. The reader will want to know in what chapter he is
(how to go "up") and how to continue/go back from where he is. This is
quite natural.

Now, when I do something like:

# Genesis
## Adam
## Noah
# Exodus
## Moses
## Joshua

I see the following when using ^|Indexpage|^ on "Noah":

Indexpage | Genesis | Noah

Indexpage is just a name (should have been a link)
Genesis is a link
Noah is a link (should have been just a name)

Is this a bug?


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