[pmwiki-users] MiniEdit seems to reset ctime

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Mar 14 05:49:52 CDT 2012

kirpi at kirpi.it writes:
> I recently found that ctime was reset on some of my pages.
> After some investigation it seem clear that editing Mini with
> MiniEdit, even dragging a single picture or editing a caption, will
> reset ctime to Unix epoch.

MiniEdit doesn't modify the 'ctime' or the 'time' page attributes. When a  
page is saved, the regular PmWiki functions are used and the 'time'  
attribute should be updated to the current time, but the 'ctime' attribute,  
if it exists, will not be modified at all.

Note that some pages may not have a 'ctime' page attribute, for example  
Main.HomePage and other pages coming with the core distribution, possibly  
some RecentChanges etc.

Try to create a new page and check if it has a 'ctime' attribute before  
using MiniEdit. Then edit the gallery with MiniEdit and if the 'ctime'  
attribute actually disappears, I'll look into it, but I really don't see how  
this could happen. Unless you have some other recipe which might do  
something I haven't thought of yet.


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