[pmwiki-users] WikiWord as you types in UTF-8

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Fri Mar 2 23:17:09 CST 2012

I cannot figure out how to do a "WikiWord as you typed" option for a new pmwiki installation setup on UTF-8

I found the following code at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/TitleSpaced
$MakePageNamePatterns = array(
    "/'/" => '',                          # strip single-quotes
    "/[^$PageNameChars\\s_]+/" => '',     # delete non-alnums
    "/\\s+/" => '_'                       # convert spaces to underline
function AsSpacedAsIs($str) { return $str; }
$AsSpacedFunction = "AsSpacedAsIs";
$GroupPattern = '[\\w]*(?:-\\w+)*';
$NamePattern = '[\\w]*(?:-\\w+)*';
function RemoveUnderline($str) { return strtr($str, '_', ' '); }
$FmtPV['$Title'] = $FmtPV['$Titlespaced'] = '@$page["title"] ? $page["title"] : RemoveUnderline($name)';It's working perfectly until I got special french caracter (éèà, ect). Display is not OK and file name seams strange. It is possible that is related to platform (development with Windows-EasyPHP).Is there anyone that can help please?Thanks.Caroline 
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