[pmwiki-users] I can't create a link to a new page

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 18:16:10 CDT 2012

> Try without the "single quote". e.g.
> %purple%[[[++Amanda/Amandas Page++]]]

> Quotes and single quotes are special signs in php and might mess things.

Pmwiki removes the quote when making the page name, i.e. to

Lydia, I do not get the problem you're reporting, testing on a virgin
PmWiki installation. The link opens page Amanda.AmandasPage in edit mode,
as expected.
But I don't get large font, as you intend. The markup needs to be
like this (large font markup outside the link markup):
   %purple%[++[[Amanda/Amanda's Page]]++]

I do not know what could cause the page create link to point to your
main page instead.

Best regards,

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