[pmwiki-users] Conditional markup in head of template problem

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Jul 20 03:25:55 CDT 2012

Lars Eighner writes:
> My motivation here is I want to keep pages in the Living group and the
> Whisper group (which is like Talk but password protected) out of search
> engines.

There is one more thing, you can actually block the access of known robots 
to the content of the privéate sections, instead of letting them read the 
pages and hoping they will obey the noindex tag.

In local/Living.php and local/Whisper.php:

  $MetaRobots = 'noindex,nofollow'; # for unknown robots
  $RobotActions['browse'] = 0;

> But the general problem here is how to have conditional markup in
> the head of a template,

Inserting stuff in the <head> section of a wiki page is done differently.  
You have to add the stuff as an element of the $HTMLHeaderFmt array in a way  
similar to that in Cookbook:ControllingWebRobots.

> which might be, for example, used to vary styles sheets.

You probably don't need this for stylesheets. PmWiki looks into the  
directory pmwiki/pub/css and inserts in the page the files Group.css and  
Group.Page.css if it finds them (Group.Page is the currently viewed page).  
So if your styles are based on the page group or name, just create those  
files in pub/css.

Otherwise, to inject css styles programatically/conditionally, you can add  
the styles as an element of the $HTMLStylesFmt array.

  global $HTMLStylesFmt; # if inside a function
  $HTMLStylesFmt['myownstyles'] = "h2 {color: blue;}";


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